FBI Promotions

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FBI Promotions

Post  Admin on Sat Jun 04, 2011 10:41 am

Here is description about how you may become rank up in FBI

F.B.I Special Agent In Charge - Gets promotion after working 60 days as Special Agent In Charge, active on forum and follow all protocols+no warnings/suspend time was received before

F.B.I Special Agent - Gets promotion after 40 days as Special Agent+fishing lic+no suspend time was received

F.B.I Agent - Gets promotion when work 30 days as Agent and get flying lic+follow all protocols+active on server

F.B.I Cadet - Gets promotion after get passport, driving lic, weapon lic and past test to become agent

After you quiting FBI faction and coming back you will start from begining
Never ask for promotion when time will come you will be promoted
Promotion can be received for Great work and complite missions given by Ranked person
More Crime report you add in data base more chance to get promotion.


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