FBI Protocol

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FBI Protocol

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FBI Protocols

1: Do not invite friends in FBI locker rooms, cells and parking lot
2: While off duty do not make any crime or become wanted
3: Do not use your weapons without a reason and spend ammo by fireing it in random derections
4: Stop at all red lights keep speed limits and drive jently
5: Use your sirens only with properly reason
6: Do not make somone wanted without a reason
7: Do not use your tazer without a properly reason
8: Do not use radio if you on undercover mission
9: Use your megaphones for any requests from FBI to others, dont use main chat, cell phone, PM
10: Report to dispatch when you are going on duty or any actions you will do on duty
11: Do not make fake crime reports
12: Always read miranda rights while you aresting a suspect
13: Do not use drugs on duty
14: Do not drink alcohol on duty
15: Do not make sex on duty
16: Always use duty vehicles on duty
17: Do not kill any civilian and any team mates or pesonnel higher than you.
18: Always obey higher ranks no matter what!
19: Cadet cant work alone and he/she shold learn form other Agents
20: FBI Cadet cant work with ARMY or SAPD members
21: Cadet can work alone only at HQ area
22: Use weapons only when somone fire at you 1st
23: Do not sell duty weapons or give them to somone
25: You may /ram only with swat team


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